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Hydropower continues to play a pivotal role throughout the world today. Its primary value, however, is as a source of electricity. Today, hydroelectricity constitutes 7 percent of the total electrical generation in the United States and 21 percent of Canada.
But that's not hydropower's only claim to fame.
Hydropower is not only a significant source of energy; it also has the distinction of ranking number one among all renewable energy resources. That is, of all renewable energy sources in the world, it's the "top dog."
Large-scale hydropower projects are not our main focus. Rather, we focus our attention on micro hydro, small-scale facilitates - those that provide electricity to power homes, small farms, and small businesses. If you think your creek, stream or river might just be the answer to your energy needs, contact Simply Efficient today for a quote or consultation at your site by requesting an estimate or picking up the phone.
Text after The Homeowners Guide to Renewable Energy by Dan Chiras