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A heat pump is an ingenious device designed to extract heat from the ground or the air around a home in the winter, concentrate it, and then transfer the heat into the interior of the structure. Heat pumps can be used as the primary heat source for new or existing homes. They're ideal for sites that aren't conducive to solar energy retrofits.
What makes heat pumps so special is that they don't burn fossil fuel like many conventional home heating systems. They operate entirely on electricity. (Electricity may be generated from fossil fuels, however, and usually is.) Moreover, heat pumps can be run in reverse during the summer to extract heat from our homes and provide cooling.
Heat pumps fit into two basic categories: air-source and ground-source (water-source is a third possibility if you have a pond or lake nearby). Simply Efficient can provide you with expert design and installation for either type system. If you're ready to start pulling all or some of your heat and cooling energy needs directly from the property beneath your feet, request an estimate or call Simply Efficient today.
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