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Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) utilizes off-peak power to generate heat using electric heating elements in a large brick heat mass furnace. The energy is generated and stored in the brick mass when electricity is cheap; the heat is then pulled off the thermal storage when electricity is expensive during peak times. ETS systems are technologically advanced, computerized systems that monitor the outside and inside temperatures, anticipate required heat loads, and only store the amount of thermal energy that will be needed when the system calls for heat in a proscribed time frame. If you’re going to heat your home with electric energy, why not take advantage of programs that will allow you to pay a very low rate for that energy. ETS can be utilized as a central furnace system or retrofitted to your home with small single-room units. There are great incentive programs being offered by regional energy providers to shift power consumption to non-peak times.
Although hot water systems don't technically utilize an ETS approach, the ETS peak/off-peak timing of energy consumption in your home can easily be tied to the hot water storage tank so that the water is heated during off-peak hours for approximately one-third the cost of peak energy consumption.
If you’re ready to reduce your electric heating bills SIGNIFICANTLY or would like to design your new home or business to utilize off-peak energy for heating and hot water, request an estimate or call Simply Efficient today.