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The use of alternative energy technology continues grow in the United States and around the world. With rising energy prices providing economic incentive, national reluctance to rely on foreign oil and its related security issues, and global warming spurring concern for the future of the planet, the need for and market growth of these alternative technologies will continue to increase for the foreseeable future.
Simply Efficient intends to be a leader in the continued development of this market. Its client base will grow from direct involvement with individual homeowners and commercial property operators wishing to improve their energy efficiency and conservation, retrofit with passive and active solar technologies, and utilize other energy alternative technologies such as wind power and electric thermal storage. Other commercial clients will include professionals working in property development such as architects, developers and builders/contractors.
Simply Efficient, LLC is a Colorado Limited Liability Corporation owned by Guy Larson, Daimon Vilppu, and Ithaca-Hanover, LLC, a regional holding company and business management firm.

Daimon Vilppu, President
Daimon Vilppu
Daimon has been in the solar industry since 1999. Prior to joining the Team as President of Simply Efficient, he was Vice President of Industrial Solar Technology, Inc. Daimon has extensive experience with commercial and residential solar hot water systems design, installation and service as well as wind and micro-hydro systems. As a mechanical engineer he brings a broad spectrum of expertise to the Simply Efficient team. Since he came on full time as president in 2007, operations have continued to expand. Daimon's reputation and experience have attracted many new clients and his leadership allows for continued expansion of the types of services provided by Simply Efficient in its growing Denver-Front Range presence.

Guy Larson, Principal
Guy Larson
Mr. Larson is a Master Electrician and a highly experienced and knowledgeable alternative energy provider. Prior to starting Simply Efficient, he was employed with Mountain Parks Electric, the regional energy provider, where he provided the served community with alternative energy consulting and installations. Mr. Larson oversees Simply Efficient's operations in Grand County, Colorado based in Granby and is a principal of the firm. He is also involved with the Grand County Astronomical Society and was instrumental in such environmental activities as developing the recycling facility in Granby.

Charley Adams, CEO
Charley Adams
Mr. Adams is a veteran environmental manager and businessman. He has 25 years of experience conducting large-scale environmental assessment and remediation projects and managing various technically-based environmental consulting firms with an international component. He has been involved in several successful small business startups in addition to Simply Efficient, and continues to be on the lookout for good business ideas in which to participate. His interest in energy alternatives began in 2001 when he built a home in Grand County and was introduced by Guy Larson to passive solar, hot-air solar, solar gates and electric thermal storage (ETS) concepts, all of which have been incorporated into his mountain home project. For the last three years, he has managed the design and implementation of solar thermal, solar electric and wind energy products as a principal of Simply Efficient.